#Postcorona Invitation

Social Marketing

We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic that is radically changing our way to live and our daily lives while a global discussion about racism, equity, diversity, sustainability, and inclusion is in full swing and the world faces a climate emergency and economic crisis. It sounds very stressful and overwhelming however this epoch also represents a perfect opportunity for us to create a different present and future for the next generations.

Coming into lockdown, we have been more supportive of our communities, neighbors, and strangers. Maybe we have understood what the true meaning of life is, how little acts of solidarity and kindness can change the lives of others, and identified the real indispensable professions and their workers that matter most. Now we are having global conversations through hashtags like #leavenoonebehind and #Blacklivesmatter.

We are finally looking at issues and people that we had decided to ignore. We are pointing the finger at the wounds of Humanity, listening, and learning about what is happening to us and around us, experiencing and understanding what we have been doing wrong for decades, and looked at possibilities on how we can change it.

We are moving into a new world, a world that is in transition and challenging us in several aspects, where technology and communication have a tremendous acceleration, power, and ever-increasing impact on our society.

Today more than ever, for all of us working in the field of technology, communication and marketing have a responsibility to handle that power and tools with extreme ethics. Our challenge is to adapt and to implement these demands and changes into our jobs, projects, organizations, clients and ventures.

I invite you to build this post-Corona world through your expertise, whatever it is, where the Human being, nature, and Humanity are first.

Let´s do it together!


Photo by Kamil Tatol on Unsplash