The importance of critical thinking in the era of AI, and the utility of tools like ChatGPT for social and academic organizations.

After several weeks of intense debate worldwide surrounding the new Artificial Intelligence tool ChatGPT, it is evident that we have entered a new technological era that generates great expectations. The constant advancement of technology and the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) leads us to reflect on the importance of being critical thinkers in this digital age.    

Why become critical thinkers?

Developing critical thinking allows us to evaluate the information and make informed decisions. Curiosity is a key skill for critical thinking; it leads us to investigate and delve into topics of interest. So, it is time for us to train our curiosity, creativity, and capacity for analysis and critical thinking. Because ideas, creativity, and judgment will remain inherently HUMAN.

In this sense, although academic organizations and social organizations have a high level of critical thinking, they often face resource limitations for communication. Therefore, they may have difficulty disseminating information about their research, projects, events, and achievements on their social networks effectively. Additionally, they often work on complex and specialized topics that may be difficult to explain in simple and accessible terms for the general public. This is where such tools contribute to daily work, improving their reach and effectiveness in communication while saving time and resources, and achieving a greater impact on the audience.

How can this tool specifically help an organization? Here are some examples:

  • Creating concise, clear, and engaging social media posts for the organization’s followers based on research, case studies, or social issues. This way, they can effectively and attractively communicate their work to a wider audience, increasing their reach and visibility.
  • Writing meta descriptions for their website’s SEO, allowing them to optimize their online presence and improve their search engine ranking.
  • Analyzing their data, allows them to align their communication strategy and the organization’s overall strategy based on their goals and results. This enables them to make more informed and effective decisions regarding how to communicate their initiatives and achieve a greater impact on society.
  • Translation of documents into different languages: It can provide accurate translations of documents and messages in various languages to reach wider audiences.

AI tools are becoming increasingly important in the digital world we live in today. Technological evolution is happening so rapidly that we have not had time to fully absorb and understand it. This causes many doubts and fears, but we will have to gradually adapt to its use and leverage these resources to our advantage.

I believe that this tool will be very useful for social and academic organizations seeking to improve their online presence and effectively communicate their work through social networks. Especially in complex issues that affect our society and in which we should all engage to better understand them.

Tell me! Have you ever used AI tools in your daily communication work? How has your experience been?

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