Why did I decide to start my own business?

Photo by : Christian Aragon

While working remotely on a project in #Madrid, I received an unexpected email informing me that I would no longer be a part of the team since they required someone to be physically present in the city. The news was shocking, and it left me in a precarious situation without a job, savings, or any idea of what to do next. Having come to #Berlin to seek new experiences and overcome new challenges, I chose to stay put despite the setback. However, a new obstacle arose – I did not speak German, making it even more challenging to navigate through this new territory.

I had to make money somehow, so I decided to become an #entrepreneur , I told myself, I don’t want my future and present to depend on someone else’s decision. Fortunately, from the beginning my friends in Madrid supported me and I quickly started doing freelance work in graphic design, such as #annualreports #corporateidentity , #websites, etc.

Everything was new and to learn, how the bureaucracy worked in Germany (which is very complicated), learn some german, in short, seek help, learn how everything works, and start from scratch; which creates a lot of anxiety, because starting a business in a new country where I do not speak the language and I am alone, is a very big challenge or rather, a double or triple big challenge. 

My career has been focused on working on projects in the #social, #political, and #academic fields. While I was in college in #Bogota, Colombia, I started working in a non-governmental organization called Planeta Paz, there we worked to build public policies for the construction of peace in Colombia, that was my other career, my other family, and there I set the foundations of what I am today as a human being. Then when I finished my studies  I moved to Madrid and there I worked in different #nonprofitorganization organizations and academic and political projects, also in call centers, in a gas station, cleaning a cafe, babysitting, and I even sold arepas.

After several years in #Berlin, many versions of my website, many mistakes, and successes, many uncertainties, and fears, but also many small battles won, I can say today that I am very grateful for the clients I currently have in #Berlin and #Madrid, they are the people I wanted to work with, I love their projects and I enjoy what I do, I am learning a lot every day and I still have a lot of work to do in this country, but a lot! 

I think that the hard part of this challenge has been to want to do everything at the same time and sometimes you can’t. Also today I know that if you are focused on your goal you will always find the right people who at some point will help you move toward your goal. And that you should always follow your instinct. 

I firmly believe that #communication in its different strands and areas has the great power to shape many realities and to generate a strong political impact, so I believe that my work can contribute to generate a positive effect in today’s #society and in our immediate environment. I am still building this road, let’s see what the following years will bring. 

Thank you for reading me. 😉